PowerSpeed™ Holsters for Duty, Carry and Competition Use.

Hogue PowerSpeed™ Stage 2 Duty Holsters

PowerSpeed™ Stage 2 Duty Holsters

Available Late 2014

The PowerSpeed™ Duty Holster offers a Stage 2 Auto Retention System design. The new ARS™ includes a unique rotating hood adding greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways. (read more...)

PowerSpeed™ Stage 1 Carry Holsters

Our polymer formed Carry Hoster has a patented Automatic Retention System (ARS™). When the handgun is holstered, it “locks” into place, providing an extra level of security over the standard open top friction style holsters. (read more...)

Hogue PowerSpeed™ Stage 1 Carry Holsters
Hogue PowerSpeed™ Stage 1 Sport Holsters

PowerSpeed™ Stage 1 Sport Holsters

Currently Under Development

The PowerSpeed™ Sport Holster has the same ARS™ and features as our Carry Holster. In addition, the Sport Holster’s polymer design has been modified with a deeper cut allowing for a quicker draw release and a view of the ejection port. (read more...)

PowerSpeed™ Universal Speed Holster

This patented modular holster is designed for competition, duty or concealed carry use. The PowerSpeed™ is easily assembled within a few minutes for left or right-hand use. (read more...)

Hogue PowerSpeed™ Universal Speed Holster
Hogue SlideLOCK™ Duty & Off-Duty Belts

SlideLOCK™ Duty & Off-Duty Belts

Our SlideLOCK™ Belts are constructed from a unique polymer with a full Nytek lining to withstand the rigors of your shooting experience. Both the Duty belts and Off-Duty belts have a 1-piece safety polymer belt buckle that locks securely in place with our exclusive SlideLOCK™ design making it nearly impossible to be removed by a 3rd party.